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Heritage and Culture
Peoples travels to Rajasthan, India for its rich Heritage & Culture. You can live the rich Heritage & Culture of India with your selection of Holiday duration. You can discover the variations of ancient era and todays modern India. Not only historical monuments but also its diversity of Cultural beauty is enough to make any one speechless.
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Nature and Wildlife
Indian subcontinent with a diverse range of colours and scents. Nature & Wildlife of India is a treasure of the rich natural heritage of this planet. Reserve forest of Ranthambore Tigers to Bharatput Birds Paradise and other reserves are enough to fall in love for any nature admirer.
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Temple and Religion
Nowhere else in the world you can find the blend of Religion except India. Spirituality, philosophy of Religion is a way of life in India. Scholars write in their biography that, "For sure one life is not enough to explore the birthplace of hinduism, buddhism, jainism, sikhism." From oldest city "Varanasi- also called Banaras" temples to cremation place, every where you can see the strength of people in India i.e. BELIEVE.
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Forts and Palaces
The historical legacies of majestic Forts & Palaces in India is well known to any one in this world. Astonishing beauty of Architechture and plan in every Fort & Palace make you remember the old golden time, when India was the richest country in the world. Now these days most of them are converted in Museums or in a Heritage Hotel. So it's easy to stay in Kings Abode and think of the past golden Era.

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Wellness and Relaxation
We design your travel plan to promote feelings of peace, relax, calm, wellness and comfort. So that you can relax and regenerate the lost energy. Our luxury Packages give you chance to relax and have the pleasure to enjoy Science of Life "Ayurveda".
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Pushkar Fair and Festival this year 2011
Once in a year, celebrated in the middle of desert Thar. Thousands of Camels and local people of Rajasthan wearing typical costumes selling there camels. Stay in the Town of Brahma can be unforgettable moment of life. This year starts on 2nd till 10th Nov. Biggest camel market in Asia is stunning and accommodation in a tent with all proper amenities can be memorable stay.